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My business ethics kicked in this week and I was truly torn whether or not I should share my opinion on this matter. When I received yet another email informing me of a company ripping off our products (and yes, it's the same company that contacted me directly asking for advice), I just felt it is my right, and almost obligation to share this. So, I am not only hurt, but quite angry at this point. I would truly appreciate your opinions to know if I am totally off base on this one...

So, when I saw this I emailed the owner regarding these designs and her multiple requests for business advice from me, this was part of her response...
"I’m very offended that you think I’m trying to copy your dream when I’m sure you are aware that ruffled baby bloomer have been around since the 1850’s or longer. If you have done any research at all on baby bloomers you’ll find information on their origination. There are many companies out there that carry baby bloomers and diaper covers, so please further your research before making additional false accusations."

I guess it was one thing when we found out a random, shady company in Asia was copying our product, that was almost to be expected at some point, but to hear that a company that has the word Faith in their name, and further a cross in their logo?!? And even further still, one that came to me for advice - which I gave? Now, I do not want this to taint my opinion on encouraging women and sharing advice, but as you can imagine, I am pretty disgusted and have lost some faith. It is one thing to create products that look similar to ours, but it is another to copy what we are doing as a whole after purchasing our clothing and emailing me personally for business advice. From the bloomers, to the image design / layout, to the headbands, and I mean, seriously, look at the Blessed shirt above! Their slogan is "faith inspired baby wear", I think maybe they should change it to "RuffleButts inspired baby wear". What happened to faith?!