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Every little girl needs a tutu

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Every little girl loves to twirl and dance, so we compiled some favorite outfits and hair tips for your little ballerina! Whether for a dance class or a dance party at home with friends, a tutu is a girl's best friend. At dance recitals you see tutu's and leotards in every color of the rainbow. One of our classic favorites is our Pink Tutu Leotard, combining the practical leotard with a fun and fluffy tutu. Pair with a fun pair of legwarmers or a bright headband, and your little ballerina is ready to go.

For those ballet recitals, we all know how difficult it is to create the perfect ballerina bun. Our resident stylist has compiled several easy steps to the perfect ballerina bun.

1. Tie hair back into high ponytail with elastic band. Brush strands so they're smooth and tangle free.

2. Grab the base of the ponytail, below the elastic, with your left hand. Take your right hand and bring the ponytail around, making a loop. Pull the tail end through the loop to create a loose knot.

3. Fold the loose ends of the tail around the bun, and secure with bobby pins. Mist with hair spray..

And voila - you are done, and ready to watch your little princess perform!

the resident rufflebutt stylist