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I continue to this day to be utterly amazed at the lack of ethics in business today. It seems that everyone is out for themselves. I have lost almost all trust in others. Well, that's not true, those that earn my trust, I value for life and would do anything for them, but those that give me reason to question, almost always disappoint. As I have had year-long relationships with many of our vendors and business associates, I have sadly learned that no matter how great our relationship may be, when $$ is involved, it brings out the worst in people. With that said, I will stay 150% committed to those vendors that have earned my trust as we continue to grow and will support them in every way possible.

I will continue to run this business by the golden rule, and will do everything in my power to do the right thing, but I am truly disappointed that not everyone in business works by these principles. The other sad lesson I have learned is if they are doing it to others, they are doing it to you, and vice versa. I try not to listen to gossip or negative talk, but if someone's customers and business associates do not have positive things to say about them, you should probably listen. If your vendor shares untrustworthy information with you about their other customers, they are doing it to you as well. The other biggest lesson I have learned in business, listen to your gut!!

If you are one of those people struggling to do the right thing, as it may cost you a little more, it may be a little more work, please think twice about the lasting effects of your actions. Think of who you want to be and the legacy you want to leave...is it really worth it? When you go to the grocery store and they accidentally put an item in your cart without charging you, do you let it slide? I promise, this world has a way to coming full circle...when you do the right thing, it comes back at you ten-fold.