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Easy Guide to Perfect Princess Style

Easy Guide to Perfect Princess Style
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ry princess deserves a beautiful dress and we've got you covered! RuffleButts Princess Petti Dresses are BACK IN STOCK, so we're sharing an easy guide to the perfect princess style!

All of us here at RuffleButts HQ have a soft spot in our hearts for these ruffled petti dresses. They're specially designed for swirls and twirls and are the perfect start to a princess outfit! Follow the tips below to make the most of this royal style.

1. Accessorize- Yes, we do mean bows or headbands but don't forget about tights and costume jewelry! Help her create her own jewelry box so she has a special place to keep her treasures!

2. Don't underestimate the power of the polish- Nail polish is my go-to for creating a special finishing touch to any princess look. If you want extra winning points opt for a color filled with glitter.

3. It's all about the shoes- We've seen our customers dress up with heels, sparkle with flats, and even rock the sneakers! There is nothing cuter than a princess in converse!

4. Build her a castle- Collect boxes and use them as building blocks. Stack high to give her a Rapunzel tower fit for a queen.

5. Dress her up- We've got a rainbow of colors in our petti dress styles! Make sure she has plenty of options for her day of play. Bonus? They look great at weddings and parties too!

Now that you've seen our tips we want to see yours! Comment below and let us know your little cuties princess style! We'd love for you to share a photo too!