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Early Resolution

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Okay, I know I have a fairly good excuse at the moment, but this has been a challenge to me really since starting the business...I am absolutely horrible at keeping up with correspondence, emails and voicemails, and remembering dates and appointments that are not on my work calender! And now that I have a new baby on top of everything else, it is a bit out of control.

Here's my problem, and I'm sure many of you can relate, I receive an email, I read it, and plan to respond. I then find that I have to deal with the 10 other things that are on my immediate to-do list, put it off till later in the day, when I find that 1st message has slipped off my inbox screen due to the 30 emails I have received in the meantime, and then completely forget to go back and reply. I think of it in the middle of the night, or at dinner-time, and have pure intentions on replying 1st thing when I get back in the office, but again, it just slips my mind as I get caught up in the many other things that are in front of me. I have learned that I am, as my husband calls it, an "out-of-sight, out-of-mind" person, and this is my resolution for the coming year...I am going to find a system that helps to solve this character challenge.

I know many of you are probably thinking that we all have this problem and it is not that major, but lately, I am finding that it is spreading to other aspects of my life and really is a problem. I find myself not being a very good friend, as people think it is not important to me to respond to their emails, but it truly is important...I just forget when I am at my computer, as I deal with other work issues all day long. I also find myself not responding to requests from work related issues, as I respond to the more pressing emails, or "put out fires" and then forget to go back to those less pressing emails that still require a response.

My intentions are always to go back at the end of the day to get caught up, but somehow I just find myself deeper and deeper in this challenge. So, there it is, my big flaw, but I am vowing now that I am going to improve!! So, if you have written me, with no response, I apologize in advance, and promise to get back with you soon =)