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I am starting to think that I should have my own reality show, not because I would like the attention, but because I think it would make people feel a little better about their own lives. Many people are under the assumption that I've got my stuff together, maybe because I own and run a business. Well, don't be fooled!! I am a crazy mess of a mom, wife, and CEO, just trying to keep life on track. Loving every minute of it, but man, would it provide you with some serious entertainment to just watch like a fly on a wall!!

So, I have now realized that just about every week or so I write a post saying that this week has been a little crazier or more hectic than most. I have now come to accept that every week is more hectic than most! This week is no exception. So, let's see, our NEW Fall Line finally arrived from the factory. I put together our new line sheet & order form and finally got them sent out to our wholesale customers on Thursday. I then received a call from daycare which started a big fiasco. Friday was all drama and let's just say that I pulled our daughter out of her daycare permanently when the babysitter accused my husband and I of "having alcohol on our breath when picking up our daughter more than once." Wow, this caught me off-guard, especially considering that my role of mommy is #1 on my priority list, so this is obviously an incredibly offensive accusation. But on top of that, we pick up Aubrey around 5:30-6:00 in the evening, and I only wish I could be sitting around having margaritas all afternoon, but my days don't quite allow for it!! So now, I am somehow full-time mommy and full-time CEO, and thank God for Mark and Mary right now!! I honestly could not do it with out them.

On to the rest of the week, Mark and I worked until about 1:00am on Sunday night getting all of our new Fall pieces up and available for purchase on the website. I think I've almost got handle on things...now onto finding a new childcare situation. To be honest, a part of me absolutely loves having her home during the day, but realistically I know that it is not fair to her or the business to spread myself that thin.

So, I am thrilled with the new line, and I hope everyone else is too. Onto our new designs, which are on my list of things to do this week...along with a few other things!