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Decisions, decisions

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With all of the craziness lately, I have been faced with many, many decisions. Our last intern, Veronica, used to tell me that she was amazed by the number of decisions that had to be made in our business on a daily basis. Well, with all of these recent changes, there are even more!! Over the past week, I have been faced with a whole list of them...making a decision on our new intern/employee, selecting a new phone provider (since our 1st option didn't work out), accounting/IT decisions, selecting a new embroidery vendor, and looking at fabric options for our upcoming Spring 2009 line (which is where you come in)...

I need your opinions, PLEASE!!

1) How important is 100% cotton?? Although it was extremely important to me when starting this line that we use 100% cotton fabrics, I have recently considering adding some other fabric options that offer easier care. All of our current garments are machine washable, but cotton naturally crinkles when washed, and in my opinion garments never looks as good after being washed the first time. Don't get me wrong, they are still absolutely precious, but the ruffles are just more ruffled/crinkled after being washed. I am considering a change to a blended fabric that looks exactly the same after being washed as it did before. It is a little softer to the touch and has a very slight sheen. The only problem is that it is not 100% cotton. Would this affect your purchase decision, and if so in a postive or negative way??

I have also been faced with a very difficult decision lately on how to deal with our production issues. I have come to accept that there are ALWAYS production issues in this business and this time is no exception. The only difference is that it is partially out of my control. With all of the recent hurricanes in the south, our products have been delayed in transport. Our completed items are stuck at port in Miami and have been for the past week (including our now backordered pink and fuchisa bloomers), and our fabric for our next production has been delayed going out for almost the past month! I am hoping that as Ike comes and goes this week, that we are able to get back on track and get our new production going quickly. I am always amazed at how far out I can plan to prevent issues like this, but everything is still always just a bit delayed.

On a more fun note, I want to share this adorable picture with you. The gorgeous little model is Isabelli, the daughter of our new photographer, Amanda Elkins. Amanda is an incredibly talented photographer out in CA, and has done a fabulous job on our new images for the Fall Collection! Check out our brand new Fall Fashion Show with her images on the website!