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Dallas Moms

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Here's another one from HARO...if you are a stylish mom (and we know our RuffleButts moms always are!!) in the Dallas area, they are looking for you. Read the info below. They may even use you on their website! When they are asking for all your advice, just be sure not to forget your favorite place to shop...www.RuffleButts.com!

Summary: Dallas Area Moms

Name: Bryce Gruber

Email: brycegruber@gmail.com

Title: editorMedia

Outlet: TheLuxurySpot.com

Geographic Region: Dallas, TX

Deadline: 01:10am EASTERN - 23 October

TheLuxurySpot.com is working on a project getting feedback from Dallas-area moms (we'll be working on other cities in upcoming months). If you're a trendy, stylish mom in the Dallas area we'd like to talk to you about where you shop, eat, & spend your free time.