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Daily Candy Kids!!

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Wow, what a week! I must say this is one of those days that I am on a total rush and enjoying every minute of this business. I am also counting my blessings every chance I get!!

I mentioned a few months back in a seperate blog post about this super sweet girl that I met that was a new mom and also in the fashion industry. She is a writer, tv host, mom...you name, she does it all! She found RuffleButts online while shopping for her little angel, but then heard about our company through an Associate of her husband's. Anyway, she was so sweet and asked to write about RuffleButts for Daily Candy Kids!!! Yes, you read that correctly, she is a writer and editor for Daily Candy Kids! I could not be more grateful to her, as our article just came out this morning and you can not wipe this smile off my face!

I have said all along that I have 100% faith in our products and moms write me all of the time to tell me how happy they were to find us, but it just takes time to let moms know about this fun new brand without having the financial $s of a big-name corporation to advertise to them. That's where fabulous publications such as Daily Candy Kids and babytalk Magazine come in. They have access to these awesome moms that are excited to learn that there really are fun and feminine products out there for their little girls! And for those of us that grew up in the little ruffled diaper covers...they are back to stay!

So, to make a long story short...I am thrilled to share our so well-written write-up on Daily Candy Kids. Be sure to check it out for yourself!