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Cutest Baby Brands

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So, I had this random marketing idea...well, actually Mark had this great marketing idea, so I gathered three fantastic children's product companies and we are partnering up on a fun little marketing effort. The great part is I truly love their products!

So, I am pleased to share with you:



No Slippy Hair Clippy - I told you about this company just last week. I have always heard great things about their products, but it wasn't until I got some adorable clips for Aubrey that I was hooked! They are so cute and actually stay in her hair. Seriously, she wears one almost every day!

Zooni - So, this company makes THE most adorable fuzzy hats...and cute mittens, and now socks. They are all beyond cute, but the hats are what won me over! I saw these first when I was out in LA for the Golden Globes gifting suite, but then spotted them on the Tori & Dean show just a month ago. Aubrey has hers in her closet waiting for winter here in Charlotte, and I've already sent them as gifts to more than one friend! You gotta love it when your gift is one they actually use and remember...like RuffleButts ;)

Bobux - I have been a fan of these shoes for a long time now. Actually before Aubrey was even born, one of our friend's daughter was sporting her Bobux at church, and she told me this was one of those must-have products that I would have to get. They are super cute, but they also allow kids to maneuver without clunking around in stiff new shoes. Aubrey has received numerous pairs of shoes as gifts, but needless to say, most of them sit in her bin while she wears the ones that are actually comfortable 90% of the time.

And of course, RuffleButts - I think you know who we are by now =)