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Cookie Magazine

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I happened to be over at a friend's house last night and she mentioned that she had just received her new Cookie Magazine in the mail that day...so, I turned to the back advertising section, and was super excited to see RuffleButts staring back at me!! If you are a subscriber to this really great new magazine, be sure to check out your October issue!

As a small business, it is always so difficult to make advertising decisions, as I truly never had any idea how expensive advertising can really be. Throughout this first year of sales, our advertising budget has been next to nothing, but we are now just at the point where we have received a great response to our product, and need to let more people know that we exist. I made the decision a few months back to try a run with Cookie Magazine, being that this seemed to be the best fit for our company. I would also love to advertise with babytalk or American Baby, but we simply can not afford to do so. October is our very first advertising issue with Cookie, and although we had to use old pictures since our new ones hadn't arrived by the ad deadline, I think it turned out pretty well for the 1st go around. We also ran an ad in this month's Baby Couture magazine, but I don't believe that one has hit newsstands just quite yet.

I must say that it was really exciting and tremendously rewarding to see my very own company and creations on the page of a national publication! Now if we could just get a few more sales coming in to pay for it =)