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Compare yourself

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My husband and I really enjoying reading The Entrepreneurs Blog by Alex, the Managing Partner of LC Management. Alex has this great way of saying the things I am thinking or would like to say, but find myself sucked into my people-pleasing personality and just don't. So, today his post was about Rev Run from Run's House on MTV, and although I don't have time to watch much tv these days, I am still a fan of this reality family. Rev sends out these daily words of wisdom (which is always the last scene of the tv show) and usually has some really great advice. Alex shared today's tip and I have to pass it along.

“Try not to compare yourself to others as a measurement of your performance or feelings of success. If you do, you will have bought into the erroneous idea that you will, in some way, be better and HAPPIER when you are ahead of someone else. GOD IS LOVE.” -Rev Run

This holds so true for so many people...women, men, moms, entrepreneurs, wives, husbands, children. I pretty much think we all have this in common - we compare ourselves to others. There is always going to be someone who has more, who seems happier, or is more successful. As a business owner, I have come to accept that there are people ahead of me in this adventure. But instead of comparing myself, I have learned to learn from them...what did they do right? or wrong?

I agree with Alex that I am also guilty of this, but this post was a nice reminder to be happy with where I am today.