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Catching up

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Wow, what a week. I have not been this sick in years! I am still fighting this bug, and now after sharing it with both Aubrey and Mark, we are one sad little family =)

Well, trying to get back in the groove this week, we decided to give away some more Bloomers. I just can't help myself, it is so fun to offer such great deals to our customers! So, for the next few days, we are running a Purple March Madness Special...be sure to check it out.

I also marked down a ton of new items and reduced the prices on some of our sale items. We have some new stock on the way from the factory and need to make room in our warehouse.

More good news, we received an order from Nordstrom today to place RuffleButts in 34 more locations! The best part is that our buyer is a joy to work with and I personally really like Nordstrom as a department store. They really do it right...customer service, customer service.

It is so crazy, as an entrepreneur, to watch the life of your creation through the ups and downs. RuffleButts really is like another child to me. Some days I have to deal with issues that are not so much fun, other days are big celebrations, but overall, this experience is such a tremendous blessing.