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Breaking a Sweat

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As seen through the eyes of the RuffleIntern...
Boy, have we been busy this past week. Gracious thanks to BabyTalk Magazine for the kind words about RuffleButts! I could not believe how many order we have fulfilled in just one week! I finally know where I can find everything in our office because I have been pulling customer's orders so much. Don't get me wrong now, this is a fantastic thing that is happening! I am so thrilled to be interning for a company that is gradually "booming!" So far this experience has been so amazing, and I cannot wait to see what summer will bring to us. Lately Amber and I have been trying to come up with a new Trendy Tee design for our fall line. We have come up with a few great ideas, however you will just have to wait and see what we will have in store for you when our Tee is complete!

Besides all of the orders we have been pulling, I was informed that we are bringing along a second intern to help RuffleButts. We need the help greatly considering all of the feedback we are receiving from BabyTalk magazine. It is great that we are having another person join the RuffleButt clan. This will allow us to gather more ideas, put our heads together, and gain more information from one another. I am excited to meet our new intern, and I cannot wait for us to all work together and bring our ideas to life!