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Big Move!!

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I am super excited to finally share with you that we are MOVING!!! With everything going on in the business, we have tried to get things in place prior to the announcement, so I will be sending out the official word to our newsletter subscribers this week! So, both our business and our family will soon be making the move from South Florida to Charlotte, NC. Although, we have enjoyed our time here in the Sunshine State, as a southern girl from Kentucky, I am really looking forward to our move to NC!

I am in the process of putting together a new team now, with multiple interviews set up for our first week in the new office. I am really excited to meet some of the fantastic candidates that I have spoken with so far, and to get things back up and running full steam ahead! The logistics with the business will continue to work pretty much the same, with a few small tweaks in shipping destinations. Unfortunately, I will have to close down the offices next week through Labor Day to get everything packed up and moved in to the new place, but will still be available by email throughout most of the time. We have to temporarily delay shipping order beginning Saturday, August 23rd, and will ship and and all orders on September 2nd. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience!

As you can imagine, my big prego belly has slowed me down just a bit with the whole packing experience, but I am so grateful to my wonderful husband and family for all of their help and support!

Life can be crazy, with incredible days, challenging days, curve balls, and milestones met. I just want you all to know, that even with my recent whining, I absolutely love what I do and am so incredibly appreciative for this chance to do it. And the fact that I have "met" so many other amazing women through this blog and this business is just one more blessing in my life!