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Baby Bling Things Boutique

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Here at RuffleButts, our fabulous retailers are an important part of our family. Therefore, I have decided to feature a different RuffleButts Retailer on a regular basis here at the RuffleBlog. I am honored to start with Ann over at Baby Bling Things Boutique. Ann is not only an extremely talented business owner, but also an absolute pleasure of a person to work with! Be sure to check out here entire line of embellished, blinging baby products.

Store name: Baby Bling Things Boutique

Store Owner: Ann Spross

Store location & contact info:
email: blingthings4baby@yahoo.com

Open since: 2006

What is the story behind your store?
I didn't realize this little love would turn into the business it has. I started selling on ebay for fun, really not expecting anything. The response I received from my products took me by surprise to say the least. I didn't realize there was such a big market for baby bling products. As time went on and my ebay customer base grew, I decided to open my own store to see where that would take me. It went so well that I now sell to many high end online and retail boutiques across the country and a handful of international retail boutiques. I honestly feel so lucky and blessed to be where I am today. I love doing what I do. Even though it is my job, it really is my hobby first and foremost. I feel lucky that my love of creating bling things is what I can do for a full time job and it also will allow me to stay home with my baby, which is something that is important to me.

What was your inspiration to start your business?
I have many nieces who I love making unique custom creations for. At the time I started making my items, there weren't many boutiques or stores carrying custom baby bling. And the places I did stumble across were so overpriced. I wanted to create a place that carried upscale unique baby bling creations at a more affordable price.

What are some of your favorite products available at your store?
The Swarovski diaper wipe cases are by far my favorite product. Each one is custom designed making it a new experience and design every time. They are very time consuming to make and the feeling I get when they are completed is of quite an accomplishment.

What is your favorite RuffleButts style?
It really is to pick just one style, but I love the pink retro rufflebutts line!

Do you have a RuffleButts story (customer reactions, best selling products, etc)?
I am very new to selling the rufflebutts but have already received a very warm response from my customers. I am very happy I am able to offer such a cute baby line at my store!

What is life like for you as a children's boutique owner?
My life has been very busy since opening my store. I am very passionate about my work. Each item that I custom make is a new experience. I enjoy meeting new people and making my customers happy. But I try to balance all my work so I have time to spend with my family and friends.

What is your favorite part about your business?
My absolute favorite part is seeing babies/children using/wearing my products! I can never get enough of the pictures and Iʼm glad people love sending them. I also love meeting so many people from many parts of the world.