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The Search is on for RuffleButts & RuggedButts Brand Ambassadors!

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We are on the hunt for our biggest fans, cheerleaders, enthusiasts!

I am sure you are wondering just exactly WHAT we are we looking for in a RuffleButts and RuggedButts Brand Ambassador. So, here ya go!

*Absolutely, head over heels CRAZY over RuffleButts & RuggedButts *You constantly share pics of your stylish little tots all over your social media *You're an influencer who is honest, persuasive and authentic *You post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest daily *You love hashtags and have already posted about our ambassador search on all of your social media and tagged us with the hashtags #rufflebutts #ruggedbutts #ruffleruggedlove
What will a brand ambassador do? You will be the FIRST to try out our new styles on your little tot! Yes, that's right! We want you to share the latest styles with your friends and all over your social media! We want you to tell us what new things you would LOVE to see here at RuffleButts and RuggedButts! You are so in love with your children's fashion that you are telling us the latest trends and keeping us on our toes!
So start sharing and and send your friends to apply too! We are picking one ambassador who refers the most people to apply. Will that be you?
Click HERE to apply!

RuffleButts & RuggedButts Social: Facebook: www.facebook.com/RuffleButtsTwitter: @RuffleButtsRuffleButts Instagram: Instragram.com/RuffleButtsRuggedButts Instagram: Instagram.com/RuggedButtsRuffleButts Pintrest: Pintrest.com/RuffleButtsRuggedButts Pintrest: Pintrest.com/RuggedButts

Sounds like a fit? Click HERE to apply!