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Holy cow...breathe!

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Do you ever feel like you have turned into your parents? I feel like I lived so many years with my parents warning me that life goes by so fast, yet yearning to reach the next milestone, that seemed in the moment to take forever! It was just recently that I 'got it'. Yep, life flies by at warp speed and if you don't take just a moment to take it in, you will miss the beauty. Just yesterday, I was feeling overwhelmed, a little like life was flying by, and I was too exhausted to take it in. It was at 1:00am, as I sat up still working, that I looked out our back window, overlooking a peaceful lake, and took just a moment to remember that this life is short-term.

I guess we all fight this internal battle between enjoying all life has to offer, while also juggling the responsibilities that propel us forward. I LOVE what I do, but at times feel like I am drowning in it just a bit. There's the designing, the selling, the managing, the running a growing business...then there are the kids, the hubby, dinner to be made, tennis lessons to go to. Oh and did I mention, we are about to put our house on the market?? So much to do, so many hours working, but then I must take a moment to remember how blessed I really am.

I am certainly not the only parent trying to 'do it all', so I know you can likely relate. It's funny, I now find myself reminding my 4-yr old daughter to enjoy every age, to take it all in, cause "life goes by fast". I guess my parents were right all along, with age comes wisdom. As I age, and the dark circles become more prominent, the wrinkles become a little deeper, and those darn grey hairs are just hanging out at the surface laughing at me a little each day. I take it all in stride because there is nothing more rewarding, more valuable than understanding and truly appreciating that each day, each week as a gift from God. I may not do each of those days perfectly, and I certainly have a TON to learn, but there is something freeing about living life for your own beliefs, values and achievements, over the expectations of others. Pushing myself everyday, yet understanding the value in my priorities. Life does go by fast and although I may drown in it a bit, the adventure is mighty fun!

Thea Anna's pudding dessert

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Do you ever think back on a particular food that reminds you of your childhood? I do, one in particular - Thea Anna's pudding dessert. This sweet was a staple at birthday parties, cookouts, holidays, ect.

Thea means aunt in Greek, but is also commonly used out of respect with non family members. While Thea Anna and I are not blood related, she is no doubt my second mother. I spent almost as much time in her home as my own growing up, and her two daughters and I think of each other as sisters. Our mothers are best friends and together we make up one big fat happy Greek family! Both Thea Anna and my mother have an unusual affinity towards extreme cleanliness, so as children we were encouraged to play with toys that couldn't cause detrimental damage to walls/carpets/furniture/decorative pieces/ect. We stuck to relatively mess-free play - riding bikes, Barbie dolls, hide and seek, ect. This meant that crafts and cooking were out of the question - these activities posed too high of a risk to cause destruction to our homes. Don't get me wrong, I love them for it! And despite the play restrictions we are all creative in our own right, can cook edible food, and are incredibly clean.

So when asked to write a creative kid friendly blog, I was at a complete loss. That is until Thea Anna's pudding dessert came to mind. It tastes amazing, is super easy to make, and above all is kid friendly. To verify this point I recruited a family member's child to help me make it. She told me that she had fun - so it is in fact kid approved!


  • (3) 5.1 oz JELL-O vanilla pudding
  • (1) half gallon of milk
  • (2) 14.4 oz boxes of graham crackers
  • (1) 16 oz Pillsbury Chocolate Fudge frosting
  • (1) 12 oz Cool Whip
  • sprinkles

  • Prepare pudding as directed on box
  • Line (1) 15 x 10 x 2 glass baking dish with chocolate frosted graham crackers
  • Top with 1/3 of the vanilla pudding
  • Continue until you have filled the baking dish with three layers of frosted graham crackers and pudding
  • Top with Cool Whip and sprinkles
  • Refrigerate overnight
  • Enjoy!
~Written By: Jamie Account Manager, International & National Chain Accounts

Every little girl needs a tutu

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Every little girl loves to twirl and dance, so we compiled some favorite outfits and hair tips for your little ballerina! Whether for a dance class or a dance party at home with friends, a tutu is a girl's best friend. At dance recitals you see tutu's and leotards in every color of the rainbow. One of our classic favorites is our Pink Tutu Leotard, combining the practical leotard with a fun and fluffy tutu. Pair with a fun pair of legwarmers or a bright headband, and your little ballerina is ready to go.

For those ballet recitals, we all know how difficult it is to create the perfect ballerina bun. Our resident stylist has compiled several easy steps to the perfect ballerina bun.

1. Tie hair back into high ponytail with elastic band. Brush strands so they're smooth and tangle free.

2. Grab the base of the ponytail, below the elastic, with your left hand. Take your right hand and bring the ponytail around, making a loop. Pull the tail end through the loop to create a loose knot.

3. Fold the loose ends of the tail around the bun, and secure with bobby pins. Mist with hair spray..

And voila - you are done, and ready to watch your little princess perform!

the resident rufflebutt stylist