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No, I have not completely fallen off the face of the planet...just working hard to tread water and keep up here in the office! These last few months have been more insane than usual around the RuffleButts household. Aside from our crazy growth, which I owe completely to our amazingly wonderful and supportive customers, we have also been hard at work planning for our new styles, big announcements, new team members, and on a personal note...an addition to the RuffleButts family due this April! Yes, we are adding to the Schaub clan, Aubrey will soon be a big sister!

Seriously, I don't know how you guys do it! Moms are just super heroes in my book and I don't know how you do it with more than one. I guess I'm soon to find out! For now, I am enjoying my big round belly and feeling those kicks and squirms all day long. We're trying to prepare for the big day, but I'm honestly so busy around here, I am admittedly a little behind in the preparations. A nursery is on my list for this weekend, after having our first little scare and ending up in the hospital for a quick one-day stay last week. Aubrey threw me for a few loops in her first 9 months, but this little one is a bit more anxious. After a lot of fluid and a few contraction halting shots, all is well and back to normal. Now stay put little one, for at least a few more weeks! A name...next on that list! So, stay tuned for more surprises - boy or girl...I can't share all of the fun news in one day ;)

So, that is our big news, our ENORMOUS blessing, and I am honored to share it with you!

So fast

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Where does the time go?? Time has always gone by quickly, but I am discovering that the day that "Mommy" replaces your birth name is the day that the clock goes on high-speed! Is it Christmas yet? It will be before we know it!! I seriously can't believe my last post was in March! So here's the quick summary of March to July for me and RuffleButts...

March - ended up in the hospital with early labor
Early April - ended up in the hospital again with early labor
April 4th - our little one decided to finally make his entrance...for real this time! Yes, you read that right HIS entrance!! We were blessed with a precious little boy, Jonas David Schaub. April 6th - I returned to the office, with Jonas in tow (maternity leave...what's that?!) May 11th - we relocate the entire RuffleButts office, warehouse & team to our new space...with Jonas in tow May through June - working at the new office...with Jonas in tow late June - my little boy has his first day of "school" July 1st - here I am, seriously I feel like it's still March!

I realized recently that when Aubrey was born, all of these women kept approaching me in public to see our little squirt, and they all had the same response..."enjoy it cause they grow up so fast." At the time, it seemed like she would be a baby for years to come. Now, the 2nd time around, I finally get it! They were so right, they do grow up incredibly fast. I am truly soaking up every minute I get with my little ones and treasuring every bit of it.

In a way, my children are mirroring RuffleButts for me. They were born within a year of one another. I feel like I have watched the business crawl, then walk, and now with our new warehouse and incredible team, I feel like my little baby is growing up! It could not be more rewarding to witness this process. And the best part is, this baby, RuffleButts, is being raised by a village. Our team and our customers have such a hand in where we are today. I know, for a fact, that we would not be here without them, without you.