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Happy Birthday Baby

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My little angel turns ONE today!!

Happy Birthday baby girl.

Man, time sure flies when you're having fun!

A mom is a mom

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We are seemingly surrounded by celebrity baby buzz on a daily basis as celebrity moms grace the covers of many a magazine and their little tots are followed around by the papparazzi like they are celebrities themselves! I think we tend to forget that these talented women are really a lot like us in many ways. I am finding that a mom is a mom, and when it comes down to it, that title alone unites us in some weird way. Weather you are a business owner, actress, accountant, or stay-at-mom, once you bring a little life into this world, you just understand.

So, I received an email from a well-known actress and she couldn't have been sweeter. I am always thrilled to receive positive feedback from our customers, as it truly makes what I do so incredibly rewarding! I have to share, not only because this really made my day, but also to show you how down-to-earth and gracious some of these celebrity moms truly are...

"Thanks so much Amber!! Yes, it is heaven. We are having so much fun.
I'm a big fan, and of course I would LOVE some personalized rufflebutts! Dolly and Charlie are the names...Yours are the cutest baby clothes I've seen. I can't wait to see our little girls wiggling around in them.

Rebecca (Romijn)"