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FREE handmade beanies!!

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We are giving away our beanies, seriously!! Now through Monday the 30th, spend $100 or more at www.RuffleButts.com and receive the beanie of your choice for FREE.

Gosh, I just love giving stuff away, so fun! And to top it off, the beanies are handmade by a group of Indian women that were taught to crochet to support their families. Many of these women are less educated and do not have another provider in the family, and this organization has provided them stability and opportunity.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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I rarely post links to other random items or businesses on our blog, but when I saw this deal, I had to share it with our loyal friends. Before I was prego, I was hanging out with my friend and it was nap time for her little Hannah. We went through the whole putting her in her crib thing and then we walked downstairs. She pulled out this handy video cam thing and we watched as Hannah slowly wore herself to sleep. I knew this was a must-have for me when my time came! So, we put it on our registry not sure if anyone "loved" us enough to buy this pricey luxury, but we were thrilled when it was given to us! I was counting our blessings for our generous friends when I laid in by bed on Aubrey's 2nd night home, hoping that she was sleeping peacefully in the bedroom next door. Of course, as a paranoid new parent, I wanted desperately to go check on her, so it was the biggest relief to turn on the monitor to see my precious little angel. All of the monitors get mixed reviews, but overall we have been very happy with it. So, I was pretty excited when I saw this monitor on today's Buy.com Daily Specials email. I immediately purchased two for Brandon and Amy (the friends I mentioned a few weeks back) and had to share it with you too! Just in case anyone is expecting, this is less than half of what they cost when we received it...


And for our loyal RuffleButt fans, you know we just love giving stuff away! So, this is your first hint for our next crazy deal, announcement to follow soon..

St. Jude's Ravishing Red Bloomers

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It is our company (and my personal) policy to donate a portion of our profits to charitable organizations, specifically those focusing on children. This holiday season, we wanted to give even more! So, through the months of November and December we are donating $5 for EVERY RED RUFFLEBUTT BLOOMER sold. We are only 20 days into the month and have $185 in the pot. I know we can do better than this, so keep those orders coming! What a great deal...you get something adorable to give to someone you love, while also giving to someone who needs some love.

Don't forget, these RuffleButt Bloomers are absolutely precious under holiday dresses and over tights! They are also fantastic all winter long, worn with her favorite legwarmers or over colorful leggings.