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Okay, I know I'm not the only mom thinking these thoughts...and I always promised to be 100% honest on this blog. So, today, I caught myself having this mental conversation - "If I have a mental breakdown, what will happen? So, they put me in the hospital. Well, when I had Aubrey, it wasn't so bad to be in a place where they bring you meals three times a day, wait on you hand and foot, and won't allow you to work. It would be like a forced vacation, with a really good excuse." Then I realized that I would be a little disappointed if it took a mental breakdown to force me to use good judgement in balancing my life, and a vacation would probably be cheaper!! So then I thought, "Okay, Amber, you are going to be a responsible business owner and mother, and figure out a way."

So, now that I am past the internal conversation (which probably leads many of you to believe that I am closer to that mental breakdown than I actually know), I have made the commitment to myself to try to figure this out. I need help!! I know that moms always have a long to-do list, but it is quite discouraging when days keep passing as the list just grows longer and longer. How do you do it??? Okay, I will find a way. I will find a way!

So, that is my honest sharing for the day. I absolutely love being a mom, and an entrepreneur, but wow, this is one crazy gig!!

And here is Aubrey's most recent pic...she is growing up so fast already =)

Other great companies

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When I was out in LA earlier this month for the celebrity gifting suite, I was fortunate enough to meet some incredible women. These women are also business owners, pursuing their own dream, and have come up with some really great products, so I wanted to share them with you...

Buggy Bag - This company has designed the ultimate shopping cart seat cover, diaper bag, & changing pad in one! The great thing is that it rolls up in a convenient carry-all with straps. They also have a quote on their brochure that I totally love - For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Psalms 91:11. It is always so great to see a company strong in their beliefs! I already have one of these for Aubrey and can't wait to put it to use. It is super padded and so much nicer than basic ones you see at the mass retailers.

Happy Heinys - This is a great cloth diaper company with this fabulously designed cloth diapering system for those moms opting out of the disposables. They are already super cute on their own, but they can also be worn under our RuffleButts since they are waterproof!

McCall Wilder Designs - This is a couture clothing company for children. If you are a southern momma or grandma with a love for the details, this is the line for you! They are based out of Atlanta and have their own boutique at the Cates Center Plaza.

Cricket & Monkey - This lady is super sweet and makes some really fun diaper bags, along with other stylish baby goodies. Her blanket was even seen in US weekly with Tori Spelling!

Chuck the Yuck - the name says it all! What a clever idea.

The buti-bag Co -This is another Charlotte based company with an array of great accessories in very stylish fabrics. And the Owner is a sweetie!

Peek-a-Boo - This is a mom pursing her dream of creating the ultimate nursing bib. She is also super sweet and had her little angel right by her side throughout the event! She hand-makes this detailed nursing bibs, which were unlike anything I've seen before.

Zooni - You have to check out this brand of hand-made head wear (and mittens)! These hats are so adorable, I just couldn't come home without one for my little angel! They are obviously totally usefull (especially this year!!), but also make for great pics.

MamaOm - I have mentioned this one before, but she is such an amazing business woman and truly genuine person, I have to mention it again!

Chef Antonio - He is the author and creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Kids in the Kitchen. This is a great way to get your kids cooking along with you!

Last, but surely not least, I have to mention one of our RuffleButt customers who is also pursuing her WAHM dream. She makes these adorable floral headbands by hand and just recently launched her Etsy shop called Little Lovelys. These also make for great pics and, of course, look adorable worn with your favorite RuffleButts!

Okay, I think this is enough for now. I just love sharing other great products and supporting women in the pursuit of a dream. I know first-hand how much tears, love & sweat go into creating a launching a business. These women are an inspiration to many!

Leading Moms in Business

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I try not to shamelessly promote ourselves through this blog, but I am in need of your help. With the economy in its current condition, we are all about PR, PR, PR. So, I have entered the Leading Moms in Business Competition for 2009. And, I am so excited that I actually qualify this year!!

So, I am calling on all RuffleButts supporters, near and far, for your votes! I have been so blessed by the tremendous amount of support received on a daily basis through this blog. With your help, we will share RuffleButts with even more "ruffle fans" in 2009!

Please click the link below to visit our profile on the site. You can cast your vote there. You can also just click the widget in the right side bar of this blog to vote directly. Votes are accepted once/day, and every single vote is appreciated.

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Thank you as always for your love and support!