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FREE T-shirts!!

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As a new mom, I have found a whole new appreciation for our "High Maintenance" Trendy Tee! So, in the middle of the night (I always tend to have my best ideas at that time), I decided to run a limited-time special. We are giving away, yes, "giving away" our rhinestone embellished "High Maintenance" t-shirt FREE with the purchase of the matching fuchsia knit Crawlers!!

I thought it would be fun to give something away...doesn't everyone love something for free?? It has been more fun than I even knew!! They are selling like crazy, and we are already running low on stock in some sizes, but I am having a blast! It's kinda like giving a gift to our favorite customers, and I love gift giving!

So, anyhow, if you are looking for a cute little outfit for your little angel or a very reasonably priced gift (they don't need to know it was free!!), then this is a good time to get it! Hope you enjoy =)

Atlanta Market Flop

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Well, times have surely changed. We returned this weekend from the apparel market in Atlanta, and I believe it was the worse attended show in a VERY long time. I'm sure there were several factors here, including many retailers totally confused about the new CPSIA requirements and how that affects their business. I believe everyone is also waiting to see how retail spending trends for the Spring. We were all a little shaken up by the recent changes in the economy and retailers are figuring it all out, just like the rest of us. The positive here is that January has still been a strong month for us. Unfortunately, I can not say the same about the Atlanta market.

Well, when times change, you must change with them. We are really trying to make life easier on our retailers by offering all of our Spring stock for immediates. We even have our limited editions currently available to our retail partners, although those won't last for long. As everyone is scaling back, and travel is one of the 1st things to go, we must figure out a way to take our products to them instead of them coming to us. I try not to get stuck in the rut of the past, of old habits. I believe those that succeed are those that are one step ahead. I never quite feel ahead in this role, but I will always strive to get there.

Stella Jane & Friends:

We are a part of this fabulous co-op in Atlanta led by Julie Swanson of Stella Jane. She has done a fabulous job of organizing some really great businesses into this showroom and it really looks great. Although this market was not the best, for the most part, we have pretty good success with our Atlanta markets.

Off to Atlanta

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I forgot to mention earlier...Aubrey and I are off to Atlanta tomorrow! If you are planning to visit the AmericasMart market this weekend, please stop by the Stella Jane & Friends showroom to say Hi! We have some really great friends in the city that have offered to watch the little angel, so I will be at market all day on Saturday and maybe Friday afternoon if she will allow me =) My husband is actually in a wedding this weekend, so it is a girls' weekend for the two of us!