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Weekend packing!

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So, it is actually happening...after all of this preparation, the office is now 95% packed up and ready to go. I will be in the office all day today trying to wrap up all last minute business and then Charlotte here we come!

I must say, as a pretty independent person, I was not prepared for the physical limitations of pregnancy. I thought I could suck it up and pull it off, but after a very long day on Saturday, my wonderful husband had to step in and force me to sit at my desk most of the day on Sunday. He literally packed up my entire office pretty much on his own...major points for him, although he kinda needed those points this week =)

So, this is the state of the RuffleButts headquarters at this moment (it's a little sad and empty), but we are looking forward to getting our new offices all set up and beautified by early next week.

I also had to throw in this highly embarrassing picture that my husband surprisingly snapped last weekend when he caught me in bed having a very prego moment with my Dunkin Dounuts!! Fortunately, for me, the picture turned out a little blurry, but still a good laugh! You also have to notice my little jealous one in the lower left corner...isn't she cute!

Changing the World

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Yesterday, my DVR recorded an old rerun of the Oprah show, so to clear my mind late last night, I watched just a piece of it. I had seen this episode when it ran originally, but it was a nice refresher to see this particular episode again, as it was all about changing the world.

The one story that happened to be the small part that I watched, was about this woman who searched for her calling and found it in an amazing project reaching out to children across our country. Her story sounded so familiar to me in the beginning...she was working a career, climbing the corporate ladder like the rest of her friends, when she just knew that she was supposed to be doing something different. She searched for the answer, asking daily for her direction, until one day she had her (what I tend to call) "light-bulb moment" and the words "pajama project" just came to her. She has since then collected and distributed 100's of thousands of pajamas to children in this country. I was deeply affected to find out that many of these children didn't even know what "sleeping clothes" were since they had always slept in their regular clothes, what few they did have.

This story was a nice reminder to me that we all have a calling, but sometimes it takes much searching to figure out exactly what that may be. When I knew deep down that I was not in my right place, I made a commitment to pray daily, for just a few minutes, but daily, asking for my answer. I made a promise to God that if he would just tell me what it was that I was supposed to be doing, that I would commit everything, give it my all, and reach out to others along the way. I feel tremendously blessed that I have this opportunity to do that in a very small way. I hope to grow this company, and touch the lives of millions, through our charitable giving, as well as taking others with me on this amazing journey!

If you are still on this search, I urge you to spend a little time every day asking for your guidance. Think outside the box, and I promise if you put others needs at the top of your list, you will be amazed at how it all comes full circle! I know that I don't do this as well as I could, but I am still growing, and remind myself daily to focus on what is truly important and allow the rest to work itself out.

Brilliant Blog Award

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Yea!! Officially, my very first award with RuffleButts, okay, it's really a RuffleBlog award, but I'll take what I can get =)

Thank you so much Corline for your support and recognition of the RuffleBlog! Corline has a fabulously fun blog over at The Mommy and Me Boutique sharing her wonderful designs and daily tidbits. I am so inspired by her story, and love her unique creations (especially the funky aprons!!).

I am honored to pass along this award to a few other much deserving women...

1) Chic Shopper Chick - This is a recent discovery for me, but such a great site for moms by a mom! She is always featuring tons of great products and fabulous giveaways!! We all love free!!

2) The Domestic Diva - Lisa is not only super talented, but she is also amazingly supportive and encouraging of others.

3) JPD Mom - Jamie has been super inspirational to me in the startup of my business. She is way ahead of me on this entrepreneurial path and she takes the time to share her wisdom and lessons learned, which is a rarity in this business!

4) Babyations - Jennifer is the talent behind the bows available at RuffleButts. She is the mother of 4, and somehow still finds the time to run her business and share some family fun on her blogs!

5) Growing Your Baby - This is a fun site for parenting news, great giveaways, and product reviews.

6) Notions - Written by Allison of Hand Picked Pumpkin...this line is so great, totally unique (you actually get to pick your fabrics!!), and the blog provides a little inspiration along the way!

7) Baby Fabulous - This is another great children's line, and Amber (another Amber) has done a fabulous job chronicling her entrepreneurial adventure on this blog! She is another one that takes time out of her day to share her lessons and advice with other women pursing a dream.