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The RuffleMobile

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These past few days have been a little scary for me...my little London had to go to the vet late last night, crying nonstop and totally lethargic. London and Remy are my two little Yorkie/Bishon babies...well, they are 5 and 6, so not really babies, but my mini family members. London has been under the weather for the past 4 days, but last night I knew something was really wrong. Well, she is getting better by the hour and I now feel MUCH better!

So, on a more humerus note, I thought I'd share a picture of my family's RuffleMobile...my poor husband!

I have found with owning my own business, that I think more outside of the box and am willing to go to great lengths to make it a success. I decided that I was wasting an advertising opportunity every time I drove my car, so I had this little decal made up. I felt a little silly when I put this on my back window, until I saw a SUV completely wrapped with a singer's myspace ad on my way home from the sign store!

I warned my husband that he now has to behave himself when he's driving the RuffleMobile around South Florida! I apologize now to anyone in advance =)

Spreading the Wealth

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It is always fun and rewarding to achieve success on your own, but it is so much more enjoyable and rewarding to achieve success with others! I would love to create a hugely profitable company, but I would love even more to create a hugely profitable company and share it with my friends and family! So, at this point in the game, since we are not quite to the hugely profitable stage, this is the next best thing..

I just launched our RuffleButts Referral Club, which is a way for me to reward our fans with an 8-10% commission on all sales generated through their link. It's super easy - all they have to do is send out a link via email or place a button (that I provide on the website) on their website and when people click through to make a purchase at RuffleButts.com, the RuffleButt Referral Club member receives a commission. I sincerely appreciate all of the support and excitement from my friends just out of the goodness of their hearts, but this will be so fun for me to make it financially rewarding to them as well!

Now, I just have to bust my butt to make RuffleButts hugely profitable - if it's this much fun to share a few hundred dollars a month, I can't wait to give away thousands! I love this job!!