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One of those weeks

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First, I must send such a big thank you to Becki (aka BlogMom) at http://www.blogmommas.com/. I am so honored that she has chosen to feature RuffleButts as the Blog of the Month! As most of you know, this is a new world for me, but in these short few months, I have met so many incredibly talented and supportive blogging moms. I can't believe that I didn't do this sooner!

So, this week...wow, it has been one heck of a week! A bit of a roller coaster for me personally, but a big week for RuffleButts. I'm sure many of you can relate - you know those days where you know for sure that you are full of female hormones? Well, I was reminded with flashing neon lights this week! I called my husband on Wednesday, a complete mess - when he asked me what was wrong, I babbled on about all of the things that I need to do, and don't have time, and am overwhelmed with guilt when I take a break. Sound familiar?

My husband and I are so ready for children, we're simply waiting patiently for God to agree. But, I must say in weeks like these, I can't help but to question how in the world moms do it all!! All of my wonderful mommy friends tell me that you just find a way, just as with everything else in life. You know, that is so true and one of the most amazing things about being a woman - God just gives us the strength to do what we need to do. So, it is almost Friday, and I have made it through, remembering that I can do anything with faith and patience! I know I sound like a bit of an emotional mess, but really I am just like each and every one of you - we have up days, down days, and everything in between, but as women we sometimes tend to put on the happy face. I've decided that it's okay to struggle, as long as we don't ever give up!

Priorities vs. Commitments

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Okay, today is my first day of reorganizing my commitments. I love our church Fellowship Church Miami - our pastor does such a great job of getting me back on track for the week. So, yesterday he was talking about change and going through the "stuff" to get to your desired destination. He always seems to come back to the difference between priorities and commitments and the fact that they most likely are not aligned. He's right, as usual...my commitments are not where they should be. I realized, although I already knew this and just didn't want to admit it, that my day is not organized, and I am therefore not making the most of it. I have so much to do with the business right now that I just plug away and put off the things that can be put off. If I just outline my day first thing in the morning, I wouldn't get so distracted and would accomplish more on my priorities list. So today was the first day of my new plan. I'm going to see if this gets me back on track and will keep you updated. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

And this brings me to my question...how do you moms out there manage to get everything accomplished - your business, the kids, meals, grocery shopping, laundry??? My husband and I have been open (I hate using the word "trying" cause we know it's in God's hands) to getting prego for the past year and as much as I want to add to our family, I can not imagine how I am going to keep it all together. All of my mom friends tell me that you just find a way, and I am going to have to trust that. I think getting a head start on rearranging my commitments is a good first step.

I have my first official sales call today, and am really looking forward to it. After speaking on the phone with the owner numerous time, she just seems like such a doll. I've heard great things about her store as well (http://www.thecasacollection.com/), so I am looking forward to it.

Have a great day!