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​7 Tips for her First Ballet Recital

​7 Tips for her First Ballet Recital
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Our Darling Dancewear brings the perfect amount of ruffle flair to her look! Those ruffled tutu's inspired us to share tips from the pros on how to help your little one make her big debut! We interviewed a real life dance mom and she kindly shared her 7 tips for a successful first ballet recital!

RuffleButts Dancewear

1. Label everything. In the chaos of costume changes, hair style swaps, and tiny tots goofing off behind the scenes, there is a large chance your things will go missing. Lessen the chance by clearly labeling all of your items with a name and phone number.

2. You can never have too many tutus. A good quality leotard and tutu are must-haves for your little ballerina. Always have a backup in case of spills, rips, or accidents.

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3. Store costumes in garment bags. You can find large garment bags at the dollar store and they are perfect for keeping costumes in tip top shape. Not to mention they help keep glitter from covering every inch of your car!

4. Pack snacks. Avoid that hungry melt down with a mess free snack. Think squeezable apple sauce, dried fruit, or cereal.

5. Snap the perfect photo at dress rehearsal. Chances are good you'll be able to walk right up to the stage and won't have to battle the crowds. This leaves you with the perfect opportunity to snap frame worthy pictures.

6. Bring extra leg wear. Holes happen more than you would expect. Bring one or two extra pairs of tights or leg warmers. Right now you can get a three pack of our favorites for $14.99!

7. Celebrate with flowers. Bring your tiny dancer a special gift to celebrate her big accomplishment!

We would love to hear your dance mom tips! Leave them in the comments below and don't forget to shop our fun dance styles now!

Dance Mom 4 years ago at 12:12 AM
Amazing tips. You have mentioned all the things in such a way that we don't need to take care anything than this. I will definitely follow you.